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Impact Arts has strong ethos of partnership working in collaboration with a variety of partners including Third Sector, Local and National Government, Prisons and Housing Associations. We develop and deliver commissioned projects which help our partners fulfil their aims and target social challenges.

Commissions: If you would like to commission Impact Arts to work with or for you, please contact Sam Eccles on 0141 575 3001 or email


Make it Your Own

Make it Your Own

Make it Your Own, a partnership with Renfrewshire Council, is a project that aims to make council tenancies more sustainable through offering people free creative workshops for their home.

Those moving into first time tenancies referred by Renfrewshire Council's Housing Support Service work closely with Impact Arts' artists-in-residence to plan and design exactly what they want to do with their new homes to make it feel somewhere that is truly theirs.

Participants are given a shopping budget and are then taught a variety of creative skills that can be used to upcycle and make decorations and furnishings for the home.

For more information or to discuss further, please contact Housing Support at Renfrewshire Council at , speak to your Housing Advisor or Housing Support Officer, or contact Linda Burke at Impact Arts on 07875 068 931 or at


Representing Dennistoun

Representing Dennistoun

The Representing Communities Programme was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council Communities, Cultures, Health and Wellbeing Research Grant. Impact Arts were commissioned to be the community partner for the project taking place in Dennistoun.

The aim of this project was to establish how community representations produced through the creative arts can be used as forms of evidence to inform health-related policy and service development.

As a community arts organisation based and working within Dennistoun, Impact Arts led on a series of community engagement programmes using creativity to un-tap the historical, current and future narrative of the Dennistoun area. This took the form of a series of one off events and longer term projects.

Projects have included: An artist’s salon event, community exhibition and film and the creation of Narnia at Dennistoun Library, and culminated in a short film about resident's dreams of a Utopian Dennistoun.

Find out more about this project.


Urban GreenUrban Green

Impact Arts worked within the Cranhill community on the Urban Green programme. Impact Arts are delivering the programme in partnership with Thenue Housing Association with funding from the Climate Challenge Fund.

Urban Green had three strands, all aimed at reducing carbon emissions: food, energy efficiency and awareness raising.

Impact Arts worked with local nurseries and schools, community groups and unemployed young people to deliver workshops on food growing, gardening, and environmental art. Tutors also helped transform the community garden at Cranhill Development trust, installing raised beds, a polytunnel and planting with local residents. There was also a wild walking group that encouraged people to get out and about, improving their fitness and enjoyment of the environment. Energy Advisor Ruskin Gammon from Thenue Housing Association visited community members and gave them advice on saving energy and money in their homes.

Find out more about the programme from this video.

Watch a film about the final showcase event.

Film credit: John McDougall.

More information about the programme can be found in our blog.

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the team

Scottish Borders Housing Association (SBHA), invited Impact Arts to develop an Art Masterplan for the Stonefield area of Hawick as it underwent a period of regeneration. Impact Arts worked with partners SBHA, Scottish Borders Council (SBC) and Waverly Housing alongside local schools, and Hawick, undertaking an in-depth consultation and research period, culminating in the creation of an Arts Masterplan. The Arts Masterplan approach has been developed by Impact Arts as a method of developing the role of arts within areas undergoing regeneration. It identified key themes, priorities and ideas for artworks, landscaping, communal space and creative play. Through identifying the community’s priorities prior to the completion of the physical regeneration, art and its ability to improve people’s quality of life becomes an intrinsic part of the regeneration process. SBHA are currently working to implement the recommendations.

You can read the Stonefield Masterplan here.


Mainholm Public Art ProjectMainholm Public Art Project

Impact Arts were asked by West of Scotland Housing Association to work with local people from a small cul-de-sac in Mainholm, Ayr. The aim was to regenerate an unused piece of greenspace at entrance way to their area. An initial creative consultation with the whole community led Impact Arts to work with a group of local children and young people to design a piece of public art.

Artist Shona Kinloch helped them design and create their own “buddy” bench, a place where they could speak to a friend if they ever needed one. They also created stepping stones around the artwork which reflected those at a local burn with artist Fiona Rich. The project gave the community a strong identity and a communal space that brought young and old together.

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