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I was born and raised in Glasgow, and I am a founding member of the Sketchy Youths; the small but powerful group of young adults representing Impact Arts and working to make a difference.

Running on ultra-hydration (you should always have a water bottle on you!) I’m busy studying Film and Television at Glasgow Kelvin College

As a person I value so many different things in myself and those around me. Ambition, compassion, creativity, and commitment define who I am. I live my life based on these qualities - always working towards the next step, acknowledging what I can do better, and knowing that I can always be better.

I am currently pursuing a career in the visual arts by studying Film and Television at a local Glasgow college in the West End where I hope to graduate in 2021, followed by time in University to further enhance my skills and knowledge of moving visual arts. My goal is to empower and reach people with my art in a meaningful way, because I believe that’s what art is meant to do.

In the past I spent time at Glasgow Women’s Library, a fantastic local organisation that does incredible work to celebrate all kinds of women; there I wrote online reviews and made wonderful friends. I also spent the winter of 2018 participating in my first project with Impact Arts - Creative Pathways. Fast forward to the summer of 2019 when I volunteered for Impact Arts on their Cash Back to the Future programme and I worked alongside independent filmmaker John McDougall - he’s a lovely mentor to have.

My ambitious hope for the future of Sketchy Youths is to be able to create a platform for young people to talk about issues that should and must be confronted and heard. I believe there is always something new to learn, a new opinion to be thought on and had, a new reason to rejoice. I aim to allow people to have a voice big enough for all to hear. There are so many things that affect young people from all walks of life, from such vastly different upbringings, and we won’t ever get to know what’s important to them, what barriers are in their way, if we don’t give them the microphone and allow them to teach us.

I hope that by being an active member of the group that I will have the opportunity to meet more people, learn more things, and make sure that everyone is able to achieve what they want with the tools at their disposal.

In my free time I like to explore the city, and look after my two very cute bunnies, read as much as I can, write as much as I can and live as much as I can. In summary I am an aspiring writer and filmmaker, big fan of pastels and plants, and a champion for positive thinking!

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