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I am from Edinburgh and have been living here all my life - for almost 22 years. I am passionate about various aspects of art and creativity, and particularly music.

In my spare time, I like doing mainly music-related activities, for example at on Tuesdays I go to a local community radio station called SAM Radio where I play music live. On Wednesdays I go to a community center called Crew, which offers support and advice to young people on various different issues such as drug/alcohol-use and sexual/mental health. There I take part in the DJ-workshops, where I use vinyl and am currently learning how to mix the tracks.

Every two months I DJ at The ATIK for events with an organization called Get2gether, and I do that off the laptop – I often practice DJ-ing at home as well. Sometimes I enjoy guitar playing, lyric writing (for raps, because among other things rapping is one of my interests), and just generally listening to music and discovering new types of music.

I have a long history with Impact Arts as I participated in Gallery 37 in 2016, Cashback to The Future from 2017-2018, Knight at The Castle from September-October 2018, and am currently participating in Creative Pathways, as of October 2019.

At Gallery 37 I took part in digital art workshops, where I did animations and drawings with different kinds of art materials. At Cashback I participated in music workshops where I did various different musical activities; specifically rapping of course! At Knight at The Castle I helped to essentially turn The Castle into a nightclub for one night only, and I also did a rap about The Castle. During Creative Pathways so far I have been doing a range of creative activities such as script-reading, drawing, and character/stage-design. The programme ends in March, when we will have an exhibition on LGBT Histories at The Museum.

I have an Intermediate 2 in Creative Industries Music, which will be useful if the Sketchy Youths are involved in any music-related activities such as making soundtracks for short films. I’m very resourceful in music, and have skills such as beat-mapping/matching, mixing, editing/mixing down/producing and instrument-playing. I am kind and patient with people and I’m also good at researching subjects which I tend to articulate in a constructive way. This will be useful for writing digital content for the group.

By joining the Sketchy Youths, I hope to learn more about various creative aspects, and how to lead small projects within the group.

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