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I'm Brooke, I currently live in Glasgow, and I have done since I was born. I’m passionate in many things. However, most of my passions stay between what I’m talented and good at, and what I want to pursue in the future (as a possible career) such as fashion (styling and designing), drag (very odd, but it’s creative, and involves fashion so I’m intrigued), writing/ reading, makeup, and a wee bit of modelling at the side!! :)

I myself, am a very creative person. I love sitting down, listening to my favourite singers and just drawing, or creating fashion sketches. I love modelling (I had done for someone’s portfolio for creative pathways) and I would love to get back into that routine. I am always down to read a good book, and having a wee bit of time to myself to just sit back and mindlessly write a short story. Doing weird face paints or makeup. Getting a wee breather and going out for walks, with my dogs takes things off of my mind and relaxes me too!

I was first introduced to Impact Arts through the “Towards Better Futures” programme. In this course we used various materials, some I was used to using, and some I was not. We would do different things from face painting, designing, creating masks, self-portraits, still life, artworks in our own comfortable style, and land scape drawings! This all lead to a final showcase, in which we presented all of our work to an audience. After this programme, the staff referred me to the “Creative Pathways” course.

In this course, we had learned multiple things. I got to design for a comic book, design for our short film, physically make some of the outfits used for our actors. I was a main character in our short film, and I also got to help with the background work for it, whilst also learning about the environment and keeping an eco-friendly theme throughout the entire course.

Whilst attending this programme, the staff had helped me apply for college and I will be studying “Fashion and Textiles” at Cardonald college, which starts in late August!

I can bring multiple things to the Sketchy Youths. I’m a very confident person, and willing to meet new people. I love to make people laugh, and I’m willing to support and help the younger ones if they need anything from me. Guidance is always key, and I’m always here to mentor them. Sharing my previous knowledge and work with Impact Arts is always useful, and I’m always here to represent IA well, and help in any sort of way needed if someone is possibly confused or needs support or guidance. I’d love to be their role model, specifically for representing IA. And I think I’d do that pretty well, positively and confidently.

As much as I’m here to help the younger people, and fuel them with as much knowledge, support and helpfulness as I can, I am always down to learn something new myself! As mentioned before, because I’m not in school anymore, I still enjoy having an environment that’s not as pressuring, but still satisfies me with new knowledge I can possibly take elsewhere and use it to my advantage. Whether it’s physically (possibly through my art, or fashion) or mentally!

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