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Success stories and testimonials

“The course has been really helpful in getting me thinking about art in a different way. Before, I would look at a painting or something and just think ‘I like that’ or ‘I don’t like that’ – but now I’m really thinking about what the artwork means or what it’s trying to say.

Fashion was always something I was interested in but never something I thought I could do professionally. Talking to people at Impact Arts about what jobs there are showed me that it could be a career path, and I don’t think I would have had the confidence otherwise to go to college for it.

I would have never got the job without my employability work. Doing the mock interviews really boosted my confidence.”

Laura, 17, Creative Pathways Glasgow participant

“My confidence was really low and I found social situations really difficult. I didn’t really know what to do but I knew that I liked art and that it would be good to do that as well as get help getting a job.

It’s ended up being so much more than that and now I feel like I know where I’m working towards now. I didn’t know you could study Stagecraft, or that it would be something that I could do. Now

I can’t wait to get started, I like making art but I’d love to work in a team and have a job where I made costumes and props.”

Leah, 18, Creative Pathways Edinburgh participant

“It feels so good walking away at the end of the day knowing I’ve achieved something. It’s been very helpful, getting to walk away with all this stuff, and also being educated about the techniques behind things. I’ve surprised myself by sticking with it. I’ve really enjoyed it and got loads from it.

The tutors have been great. If you’re working on something on your own and you make a mistake, you might not know how you can fix it. But the tutors taught me how to stick with things. It feels so good.”

Rachel, Make It Your Own participant, Renfrewshire

“This place means everything to me. It means I have a purpose in life, which I did not have before. I feel like I am coming home again when I come to this group.

I have met lovely people here. This place has given me friendship. I know that I can contribute to the group, I can help other folk - and that gives me a feeling of self-worth.

It gives me a reason to get up in the morning. If it was on every day of the week, I’d be here.”

Elizabeth, 69, Craft Café member, Govan

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