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Our impact

How do we measure success? Is it the people engaged? The opportunities realised? The money saved? The social businesses thriving? Or is it the increased confidence in children or the commerciality of the work?

Art, in all its forms, has the depth of appeal to reach in and influence all of these benchmarks. It can inspire brave new work, often, from the most surprising of places and individuals. At Impact Arts we find success is unequivocally about the people, the artists, the businesses, and the tutors who all combine to make an immense contribution to the ongoing benefits our charity brings to many people and communities.

We’ve undertaken several Social Return on Investment Reports to evaluate the effectiveness of our work. Please take a look at the executive summaries and email if you would like a copy of the full SROI or if you would like further information.


In 2019/2020:

More information about our work in 2019/20 can be found in our latest annual report.

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The team at Impact Arts work hard to secure over £1.5m of funding per year to provide life changing creative experiences for more than 5000 people.

You can help us achieve this target through making a single gift, or a regular donation. Thank you.

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