Childhood Storytelling

Wed 26th July 2017

The Edinburgh Performance group focused on the art of story telling. As a warm up improvisation the group were encouraged to select a piece of paper with a name and another with a place and use these as the starting points to tell the story of how that person died.

With a particular focus on what makes a good story, with emphasis on beginning, twist and resolution.

To act out the story with conviction in front of their peer group, each individual delivering their story is being told to consider their composure and their expressions. They are trying to deliver an imaginative, animated version of events.

The afternoon session was focused on nostalgia and the young people’s own fond memories from their childhood. With a focus on homeliness and neighbourhood the group discussed childhood games such as hide& seek, British bulldogs and chicken run.

Family favourite foods such as their mum’s mac & cheese and granny’s lentil soup. Home baking such as top hats and chocolate crispie cakes.

This brainstorm session is the initial information gathering for a home themed showcase piece.

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