Casting & Model Making

Tue 18th July 2017

The Glasgow Visual Art group had a fun experimenting with clay and plaster to explore texture and shape with an aquatic feel.

Referencing the Glasgow groups theme of the Scottish Canals and the legend of the monster fish ‘big bertha’ the young people used objects like forks and textured materials to create interesting surface textures inspired by the life underneath the water in the canals…

Using air drying clay, texture was added to the surface and exploring movement and shape the walls were created in their desired mould shapes. Plaster of paris then poured into the shape and the clay walls are peeled away.

The plaster dries quicker than the clay so enables the groups model moulds to come to fruition.

Colour was hugely important to give vibrancy and personality to their individual textured models.

This activity allowed the group to understand the properties of these materials and what the possibilities were to allow them freedom to experiment and create.

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