CashBack to the Future 2019 Wild and Majestic Showcase

Fri 26th July 2019

The familiar sound of bagpipes opened the CashBack to the Future 2019 showcase at the Barrowlands. Our piper, Dan, led us to the stage, where the show began with a screening of the East Ayrshire digital arts team’s Killy TV production. Broadcasting their version of a newscast, the young people showed us their particularly satirical vision of mythology and supernatural events in Scotland.

With a smile already on the faces of audience members, the show continued with theatrical and musical performances, and screenings of the digital arts from the groups from across Glasgow, Renfrewshire, Ayrshire and Edinburgh.


“Very inspiring indeed! Incredible performances and artworks, so much talent. Safe to say the future is very BRIGHT!”


The Ayrshire group displayed spectacular costumes, props and scenery in a theatrical piece inspired by Scottish stereotypes. The audience even witnessed a battle between giant bottles of Irn Bru and Coca Cola! (with Irn Bru prevailing to the agreement of the crowd).



The performance group from Paisley beautifully performed a sword dance and moved the audience with their poetry and words which shared an aspirational and optimistic vision of the future of Scotland – all set against a backdrop of amazing images from across Scotland. The Edinburgh group’s dance, which imitated weaving movements, was invocative, while the Glasgow group took the audience by surprise, unveiling the giant Nessie they had created over the course of CashBack to the Future.



The intermission provided a welcome opportunity for the audience to visit the exhibitions of the visual arts groups. The team from Glasgow dazzled us with their landscape paintings, screen printing, warrior masks, tartan and portraits. The Edinburgh group left us impressed with their huge pheasant costume – formerly Laird Pheasant McPheasantface – speech bubbles and weaving artwork. Equally impressive, the group from Refrewshire group exhibited a huge Scottish Landscape mural and their fun papier mache haggis. All the while, two hardworking participants were busy completing very popular commissions of banana drawings – “We’ll paint a banana holding anything” read the sign!



The work of each individual, and each group was appreciated equally, but there was real value demonstrated through the collaborations between the digital arts and performance groups, we could also see their visual art group’s artwork contributing the collective work of all the performances. The Glasgow group demonstrated their ability to use digital tools and software creatively by incorporating traditional images of Scotland into contemporary interpretations of modern Scottish life and culture. Young people from Edinburgh featured their interviews with visitors of the National Museum of Scotland.

Back on stage, now it was the turn of the bands, singers and various music groups. There was an eclectic variety of musical styles and genres. Glasgow’s groups made us dance with lively modern music, punk rock and moved us with a slow song – all original compositions. The performance of the Paisley band – including, covers of Bring Me The Horizon and Billy Eilish – was delivered with real energy, and the rhythm of Edinburgh’s interpretation of a Gaelic call-and-return, alongside a very catchy mashup of the Procalimers, Simple Minds, and Runrig, provided a more traditional feeling to the performances and the meaning behind them.


The show’s finale featured all the young people coming together on stage and performing the popular song ‘Sweet Dreams, by Eurythmics, ending the showcase on a high, with a great feeling of excitement and achievement.



“What an amazing event! Better art than I’ve seen in The Tate London, better bands than I’ve seen in the Hydros and better plays than the Fringe! These young folks will go a long way. Big up Impact Arts!”

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If you have any questions, please contact Impact Arts on 0141 575 3001 or email [email protected]

Cashback to the Future is funded by the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities initiative, which backs projects supporting disadvantaged young people.

CashBack to the Future is supported by National Museums Scotland through funding from National Lottery Heritage Funds Kick the Dust programme.

In North Ayrshire, CashBack to the Future is supported by National Lottery Heritage Fund’s Young Roots Fund.

A special thanks to our community partners, Glasgow Kelvin College, National Museum of Scotland, Ayrshire College, and Tannahill Centre.

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