Hannah participated in the Creative Pathways (Visual Arts) programme in 2019. She had been living with her mum since moving up from the Scottish Borders to start an illustration course at Edinburgh College 2018.  Hannah would prefer to have her own house.

Hannah describes her mum as vulnerable and alcohol dependent. She regularly assists with the care of her gran who has dementia which means travelling back to the Borders.   

Hannah stated that she did not feel she could discuss her life stress or her mental health state while at college and subsequently left. She is living with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and sensitive physical health.

Hannah then challenged herself to participate in an Activity Agreement with Canongate Youth Project. During this time she came along to an open day at Creative Pathways and quietly took part in a workshop. Hannah appeared interested in the creative activities and after two further weeks of caring for gran she registered with Creative Pathways. 

Baseline Review

Initially Hannah was reluctant to try new things, for example, she likes digital art and stated that if she does not like new tasks, she would quickly become angry and lose patience. She preferred to work individually but with support and encouragement gradually joined in with group activities.   

Progress Image


Hannah went on to experiment with a variety of art materials becoming increasingly confident to try new things and was noticeably more vocal in her opinions and interactions with peers. She learned to negotiate and analyse different tasks in a positive manner. She was also able to reflect positively on her creative process and personal development. Hannah produced a strong portfolio of work and displayed a selection of her art at two exhibitions. In preparation for her showcase event she worked with professionals to learn installation techniques and then proudly showed off her artwork to guests.


After a few weeks of starting Hannah began to emotionally open up to staff. She talked more about her home life and staff supported her regularly, including signposting to her GP and a joint meeting with Edinburgh Council housing staff.  She is now applying for social housing.  

Hannah achieved a John Muir Discovery Award. She showed great determination during physical activities and realises the benefits to her health and wellbeing. With support and encouragement she managed to climb the hills at Holyrood Park, cut back gorse bushes and take part in group walks.  

Hannah also managed a group visit and tour of a busy Edinburgh College, which appeared to inspire her. Hannah has achieved her SQA Employability Skills qualification and has moved on to City of Edinburgh Caselink Pipeline 3. 

Hannah appears to have become more hopeful about her future, more interested in looking after her health, more vocal, is connecting with peers, more open to supportive professional relationships and more confident to take control of her life.