Case Study: Creative Pathways

Tue 11th March 2014

Here at Impact Arts, we always enjoy hearing the stories of people who graciously offer their time and effort in support of the organisation. Debay De Lux is a model who has worked with Creative Pathways. We borrowed the following extract from her blog, in which she describes her experience of being involved with the programme.

“I first came across this organisation a couple of years ago when they were looking for professional models to volunteer for a shoot for their shop ‘Eco-Chic Boutique’.

The shop is easily found situated on High Street in Glasgow. It’s a great store filled with both new and vintage items of clothing, jewellery, accessories and furniture.

I absolutely loved being involved and getting to meet both the staff and the young people. Anyone who knows me will know that I have always wanted to help young people, especially teenagers, who are unhappy or struggling in life. It is something that is very close to my heart and, from my own experiences growing up, something I have always felt was missing in society.
I personally think that there isn’t enough support out there for teenager and young adults. The transition from child to adult is a hard confusing time for most and I definitely feel they are left without a voice a lot of the time.
So seeing the amazing effect the staff and organisation have, along with the level of skills passed on, is incredible.

A fact I later found out was that after last years project around 88% of the young people went on to either employment or further education.

My first encounter with Impact Arts was modelling the items made to be sold from the Eco-Chic store and ASOS. MUA was Jane Hamilton. Photographer was Clare Coulter.

This time round I was involved in both a photo-shoot and a fashion show.
The staff are there to assist and help, but the entire event is created as a showcase of the skills learnt by the young people. Everything from the clothing on the catwalk, to the items sold at the event. As well as all the hair and makeup.

My hair and makeup was done by young person Julie Findlay. The entire experience was as fun and professional as a shoot with a fully qualified Hair and Makeup artist. How much they have all learnt in a short time is wonderful.
Julie choose a vintage look with a theatrical twist for the shoot. I loved it.
The photographer was Nuala Swan.

The fashion show was hosted the following Friday in The Arches Glasgow. I have regularly modelled at Nightwalk, which is hosted in the same venue. It’s a great venue for fashion shows and creative events.

I modelled three outfits. The outfits were made from scratch again by the young people under the mentor and training of the Impact Arts staff. The outfits were of a high standard that I would expect to find in a show with professional designers. They are also all for sale in various sizes from the store.

The night came together amazingly and the place was packed. A huge success for all involved.

I was so happy for the opportunity to work again with these young people. I only wish I could do more. I will be getting involved with the Ayrshire branch of the project in April, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

If you would like to help, Impact Arts are always looking for fabric and clothing donations. Drop into the Glasgow ‘Eco-Chic’ store on 45 High Street and give them a visit. If we support these organisations they have a much better chance of survival and further funding.”

We want to give a big thank you to Debay and to everyone who has donated their time to the organisation!

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