Care-experienced young people use art to challenge stereotypes

Fri 08th March 2019

Young people taking part in our Express Yourself project last week held an art exhibition at Irvine’s Townhouse giving an insight into their experience of the care system.

The exhibition included work by 30 young
people aged 14-25 who have been taking part in a partnership between Impact Arts and North Ayrshire’s ThroughCare services.

Artwork included sculptures created from pieces of junk, dramatic
black-and-white photography, and conceptual art created from fabric and

The group had also created their own clothing brand for the
exhibition. Entitled #ThisIsUs, the aim of the exhibition was to challenge
stereotypes about what makes a so-called “normal” upbringing.

As well as visual art, the young people performed powerful
pieces of poetry about mental health, the challenges young people face, and
strong role models in the family.

Those attending the exhibition also had the chance to try
out some of the art techniques the young people had used.



North Ayrshire Provost Ian Clarkson was in attendance, and got his hands
dirty creating art as part of a workshop led by artist Laura Frood and the
young people involved.

One participant, 21, said: “Our
exhibition was such an amazing day, we’re so proud of ourselves for the work we

“We’d like to thank everyone
for coming and giving us their time.“

Laura has been delivering art workshops with the young
people since May last year. She says she is immensely proud of what the young
people have achieved.

“I was over the moon with how well the work was received and
how well the audience connected with the message that the young people where
trying to convey.

“Seeing how proud the young people were to make present
their work to their peers and council representatives was such a highlight.”

The aim of the Express Yourself project is to get young people
interested in new art forms and show them how to express their thoughts and
feelings through abstract art.

The project will continue for a further two years thanks to
funding from the Life Changes Trust.

For more information, please contact Programme Manager Nicola Wood on 0141 575 3001 or email [email protected].

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