Butterflies, Butterflies, Butterflies!

Thu 25th August 2016

butterfly1 butterfly2

Raising awareness of the environment and biodiversity surrounding Bridgeton, the Glasgow group recently followed 15 caterpillars on their journey to becoming Painted Lady butterflies!

The young people got to view the baby caterpillars eat and grow for approximately 7 to 10 days before changing into chrysalises. Over the space of 14 days, they got to see the incredible growth of the caterpillars as they expanded to more than ten times their original size, spun silk cocoons and shed their exoskeletons more than FOUR TIMES each!

After a fascinating two weeks, the young people arrived at Impact Arts on Tuesday morning to be greeted by… BUTTERFLIES! The group had reached butterfly expert status by this point, with all the skills necessary to release them into the wild, including preparing the creatures with the appropriate flowers and sugar water in their mimicked habitat before setting them free as a group.

The butterflies were next set free by the (rather paternal) group, and flew off into their natural habitat, leaving the team at ‘Our Bright Future’ return to their own habitat… the workshop!

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