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Celebrating exceptional work and progress in Irvine

The young people on our Creative Pathways: Environmental Design project in Irvine held a final showcase on Wednesday, gathering their favourites out of the vast collection of environment-inspired work they have produced over the last 11 weeks.

Friends, family and teachers were treated to a spectacular collection of lino prints, scraffito studies, self-portraits, origami boats and bird boxes. The group also produced a zine featuring some outstanding examples of work.

Full steam ahead in Irvine!

The Irvine team working with Creative Pathways: Environmental Design have just passed the midway point on their 11-week course and it’s full steam ahead in preparation for their final showcase.

They have also been getting stuck into collaborative environmental projects. One has involved transforming car tyres into alternative outdoor planters. Rather than letting the tyres be burned in the salvage yard and release poisonous emissions, the group instead gave back to the environment by planting winter shrubs inside their recycled planters.

Hard at work on nature-inspired pieces for exhibition

Young people between the ages of 14 and 17 from various schools across the East End of Glasgow have been coming together to engage with their environment through researching and producing nature-inspired artworks.

Part of our Creative Pathways: Environmental Design programme funded by Our Bright Future, the young people participating have been encouraged to raise awareness of the importance of preserving green spaces in their area. Through their own ideas and creativity, they have been learning that giving something back to the local community makes a big difference to the area and other residents.

Getting hands-on for the Harbour Festival

This week in Irvine, the Our Bright Future team have been focusing on colour and texture!

In preparation for the Illumination Festival at the Harbour on November 30th, the team have been mass producing origami like nobody's business! Pigs, monkeys, dogs, and a huge fleet of origami boats which will set sail at the harbour side for the Festival, once spray-painted and hooked up with LED lights.

Thinking About the Environment in Irvine

The first month of Our Bright Future in Irvine has seen young people from various schools in the area come together, and produce some amazing art!

Focusing on the environment around them, the group of 13-17 year olds were encouraged to be advocates for their local community and vocalise what they would change about Irvine and the surrounding area. They were taught how art, both big and small, can have a huge impact (no pun intended) on any environment.

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