Birds of Paradise Exhibition

Fri 15th April 2016

The members of Craft Café Govan displayed a beautiful exhibition called ‘Birds of Paradise’ at House for an Art Lover recently.

The concept of the artwork originated from a discussion about the value in our own individual styles and opinions yet, at the same time, the beauty in being able to connect and work together as a whole. Each piece was handmade by individually members, but they chose to display them together as one collaborative piece.

The project was inspired by looking at native bird species and a shared desire to reflect and connect with the natural world. The members drew out their designs on wood, which they then mosaicked and grouted. The patterns and colours of these species were mimicked and re-interpreted in individual styles. This was the first time many of the members had tried this technique.

They were also lucky enough to use the exhibition room as the Craft Café studio for the week, and were given drawing classes by artist in residence Carolyn Alexander.

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