A Summer to remember with CashBack to The Future

Tue 29th August 2023

We had a fantastic week of showcases for our CashBack to The Future Summer participants, taking place across our venues in Glasgow, Edinburgh and North Ayrshire.

The vibrant and dynamic exhibitions serve as a testament to the incredible talent, creativity, and innovation displayed by the young people participating in our CashBack Summer Programme.

The programme aims to provide young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with opportunities to engage in artistic pursuits. Through workshops, mentorship, and guidance, the programme opens doors to creativity and self-expression, helping participants build confidence and life skills.

Going to the project gave me more freedom and I realised I can go places without my parents and be confident I know how to get home. I also enjoyed all the chats with the people working there and learned interesting stuff at Holyrood Park.”Participant

“On my first day I really thought about not ringing the doorbell and just walking away. I’m so glad Shannon saw me and invited me in. I would have missed the best summer of my life.” – Participant

Participant spent the summer taking part in workshops on visual art, 3D art; sculpture, pottery as well as animation & film making. With an overall theme of heritage that ran throughout all areas. Participants had trips to local cultural venues, conversations around what heritage meant to them and got outdoors for beach and park litter picks. North Ayrshire young people painted a mural at the Maritime Museum and South Lanarkshire created a fabulous museum trail with Summerlee Museum.

Family, friends, stakeholders and the general public were captivated by thought-provoking visual installations, animations and thoughtfully crafted digital presentations at all the showcases. A massive well done to our young people who produced so much work this summer and a thank you to our amazing delivery partners, funders and colleagues who help us bring these events to life.

“I made friendships I would never have done in school. I felt encouraged by Fraser and Shannon to have the confidence to make friends with everyone. I didn’t just gravitate to one person. Now I have a group of friends to meet up with to have fun.” – Participant

“I wasn’t confident and was really anxious before I joined. Now I can order food and go shopping on my own. I remember how bad my anxiety was and I thought I would only make one or two days a week, but I came every single day and never wanted it to end.”  - Participant

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