A flourish of creative energy on Creative Pathways Glasgow!

Thu 19th July 2018

A new block of Creative Pathways – our arts focused employability programme for young people – has begun with a flourish of creative activity, based at our Factory premises in Dennistoun!

Eight young people – who are not in employment or education – have joined the programme at as part of a ten week course. The first few weeks have seen the team get to know each other while learning some brilliant arts and craft techniques from artists Allan and Christine.

In the first few weeks the group has been busy – they’ve already created a huge painting, made flags with natural dyes, made environmental prints, a chandelier from recycled plastic, had a field trip to Kelvingrove, made pinhole cameras and developed their own photographs.



The huge painting is made up of the outlines of the group members filled with block colours. The idea behind this work was to show that the team members can stand out both as individuals while also complementing each other for a striking, vibrant visual effect.

This project will last ten weeks and end with a sculpture project for a development in Dalmarnock in the East End of Glasgow in late August. In the early days of the project, the group took a trip to the site to see the area and get some ideas of what we might create for the space.

They also took a trip to Kelvingrove Art Galleries and Museum to get some inspiration and see some works by artists from Scotland and further afield. It was an excellent excursion which really got the creative juices flowing and an excellent way for the group to bond.



A running theme of this project is our connection to the environment. With this in mind, the group dyed recycled material with dye home-made from out-of-date fruit and vinegar. The result was flags that were put up in Alexandra Park, featuring environmental and personal messages.

The great weather recently has meant the team have been able to spend a lot of time in the park – most recently taking pictures with pinhole cameras made in the workshop. Using old cardboard boxes and jam jars, they created pinhole cameras and headed out to experiment with them. The group were fascinated by results which we developed in a darkroom we created in the basement.

The work rate of this group of young people has been fantastic and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next! Stay tuned for news of their final showcase, coming up in September…

The programme is funded by Skills Development Scotland, Our Bright Future and Inspiring Scotland.

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